2019 Sound Installation


“Meteon” is a term coined by combining Meteorology and On (Japanese word for sound) and it is a sound installation work that incorporates the principle of heat vaporization. When the water evaporates, there is a loss of heat, causing the temperature to drop, and the resulting temperature difference becomes the driving force for the work’s system to generate sound. Meteon has symbolically treated water evaporation as one of the focal elements of weather phenomena, and has likened the interior of the glass container to a weather environment existing in an imaginary planet. The random sounds the viewers begin to hear from all sides as they enter the gallery space and the unpredictable rhythm that are created between the interval of sounds, make their sense of hearing more sensitive and invite them to experience sensory expansion.


2019 <Mizuma Art Gallrey> - Tokyo, Japan

Meteon Meteon Meteon

Meteon Meteon Meteon


2020 Sukikei <Artium> - Fukuoka, Japan



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